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Intro to Blogging

This is the second blog I have created. Last semester for my “Romantic Politics” seminar one of our assignments through the semester was a weekly blog. I thought I was fairly familiar with the process on WordPress, but it seems I was slightly mistaken.  It was not extremely hard, but I found myself getting a bit turned around. Eventually I found my way and seem to be catching on (I hope).

For this blog I followed the requirements set forth, so except for the images and descriptions for the pages everything was laid out. There are some things I am not 100% sure of. For example:

1.)    How do we link to the blogs of our classmates?

2.)    Is there a way to change the color of the font?

3.)    Is there a way to set smaller pictures in the header while not replacing the whole header?

4.)    How do we link pictures?

5.)    Is there a table that explains what all the widgets do?

These are just some of the issues I am trying to sort out. For my English seminar the requirements for the blog were not nearly as formal. It was just create a blog and go, so there really wasn’t much to figure out.  This is much different and there is more depth to it.  Like anything else, with time I am sure it will get easier.  For now I am just playing around with the different functions and seeing what they bring to the table.  Some I like and can see myself using and others not so much. But for now I will appreciate any help and suggestions thrown my way!