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My Blog Choice


I have had experience with Jing in the past. For  A class, Computers and Education, we had to do several projects using Jing. I didn’t have a great deal of difficulty with this, although I tried to figure out how to embed the video right in the blog. However I gave up after a while do to time constraints.  Also, I apologize for the audio. I practically had the mic in my mouth and still couldn’t get great audio.  I even messed around with the settings and nothing.

I think Jing is a great tool and very useful for many different instances. For example, for my Computers and Education class we has to do a lesson using JIng. Similar to Aaron’s tutorials these were full on lessons.  In a scholastic future that most certainly is relying more and more on the internet  this will be an important skill for on-line educators.  Teachers can use this for conducting a complete lesson to tutorial examples for the whole class or an explanation to one student who is having difficulty.

Jing also has a more practical employment for non educators or ” the everyday person”. Fo example, I had to explain to a relative how to program a ver complicated television remote control. After spending hours on the phone with no success I took a shot and created a Jing video demonstrating each step. The videos now can be viewed at any point a question arises.     However, in my opinion those in the virtual education field would be the ones who get the most out of Jing.

For, me the hardest part of this assignment was first, deciding on which blog to use, and second the audio. Not that the audio problem is anything Jing related, because it is not. It is my VERY inadequate set up here.  I think the easiest solution is to go buy better equiptment !