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Sharing My First Podcast

1st Podcast

Well here it is , my podcast, and it took me a mere six hours to complete.  For this assignment I had many obstacles before me.  The biggest being I have a PC not a Mac.  I know, no sympathy for me because EVERYONE should have a Mac. I happen to agree, but until I come to the proverbial light side, I am stuck.  So, my biggest obstacle was finding an audio editing program that I could figure out. I tried three, they were: Mixcraft 5,  AVS audio editor, and Audacity.

Mixcraft 5 was the first one I downloaded because it was supposed to be the closest to Garageband. Ok, maybe it is, but I couldn’t tell ! I couldn’t even figure out how to upload music to it. So after hours of getting no where I decided to move on to the next victim. ironically I spent the most time with this program and got the least on  my investment.

AVS Audio Editor was number two.  I got a bit farther with this one. I managed to get music into it, but couldn’t figure out how to do anything with it !  I googled and searched  but to no avail. There wasn’t a good tutorial to be found. It was a t this point I seriously contemplated just going and buying a Mac ! However, my checkbook ( and my wife) quickly  put an end to that plan, so forward I trudged on !

Third times a charm, well kind of, Audacity was next.  It was the simplest interface of all three. I was just hoping it did all I needed it to.  I managed to get music uploaded, like Garageband it was drag and drop.  splicing was a bit more difficult. Unlike Garageband you weren’t able to just click on one spot and then a second to splice. ( or at least I don’t think you could) To splice you had to “eye” the two spots where you were going to splice and hope for the best. Well, it wasn’t THAT bad. It did allow you to slide either point and adjust the splice until you got what you wanted.  Also, Audacity had some really good tutorials and once I got into them everything else went fairly smooth.

I’m happy with my production, although I am not a big fan of listening to myself. ( Although with two young kids I feel like  I am always talking to myself.  Taking into account I had to start ground zero with a new program I am happy with the work.  I have a good friend who does a consumer podcast http://www.consumerismcommentary.com/pod/. I eventually want to teach at the college level, on-line courses in particular. I could see where this would be very useful in an online classroom setting.

Ok, now I am going to post this and hope everyone can access my podcast.  Fingers crossed !