Today the net is where most of us go for media consumption.  Regardless of whether you’re looking for scores to the Ranges game, Yankees game, Knicks game, seeing or the weather you can find it on the internet.  What makes the internet even more convenient and accessible are smartphones. Now you don’t have to be home to get that score or find that movie time, you can do it right from your phone. Not only does the eruption of technology allow the consumption of media, but also the production and dissemination of it as well.

In “We Are Wizards” fans create their own Harry Potter based media and Warner Brothers obviously didn’t like it.   But shouldn’t they be happy that these artists are spreading the Harry Potter word? I know myself personally have discovered many a song while watching unrelated videos or as background music to a site.  By the same token I have discovered many movies by the same circumstance.  In my opinion these different forms of media bring Harry Potter to a new fan base.  I would bet that there are people who may have never given Harry Potter a chance (ok so maybe not A LOT) if not for this alternate media. As far as the “ potter franchise” wanting to be kid friendly and some of this media compromising that, well I have this to say, ” anything not kid friendly should be monitored by parents. Kids should be restricted from seeing it.”  But I suppose that’s another post for another time.

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