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Ok I need to start off by admitting that I missed this class so I am teaching myself memes and winging this here. If this is bad, please don’t hold it against me; I am really trying here !

Memes without a doubt are part of a fan culture.  Similar to the Harry Potter media in “We are Wizards” memes are alternate forms of media, and can be based on any particular like or dislike. (i.e… fan or sooooo not a fan!) For example, here is one of my favorite memes since I am a New York Giant fan.


I will admit, to me this is more interesting because I am a Giant’s fan and they are the Super Bowl champions. Oh yeah and because ELI IS ELITE!! It also is a nice little play on words. It’s a simple meme and doesn’t cause much of a stir as some others. Like my next favorite. I’m a huge Ranger mark (mark is another name for fan for those who don’t know) and I am pretty sure this is Sean Avery holding the head and spine of Washington Capitals, Alex Ovechkin and Mike Greene


* No Washington Capitol was hurt or mistreated in the production of this image !

 This on is a bit more fun because it uses photos and other graphics and not just text.  While not kid friendly…oh why would a kid be  reading a Strategic Presentation blog any way !! And my third favorite meme is ……..

Memes are virally transmitted social idea. The creation of a meme may cause a person to look up more about a subject  and  in turn learn more about it. For example, take my last meme. There are many people who may not  know  what Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh are talking about, so they may look up Lebron james, or the Miami heat and learn more about  what the meme may be referring to. Those of us who know  ( and are not Lebron James fans) find this hilarious.

This could be incorporated into the final project as a stimulus for getting people to do more reasearch on teen dating violence or as a way to make your project engaging.


Today the net is where most of us go for media consumption.  Regardless of whether you’re looking for scores to the Ranges game, Yankees game, Knicks game, seeing or the weather you can find it on the internet.  What makes the internet even more convenient and accessible are smartphones. Now you don’t have to be home to get that score or find that movie time, you can do it right from your phone. Not only does the eruption of technology allow the consumption of media, but also the production and dissemination of it as well.

In “We Are Wizards” fans create their own Harry Potter based media and Warner Brothers obviously didn’t like it.   But shouldn’t they be happy that these artists are spreading the Harry Potter word? I know myself personally have discovered many a song while watching unrelated videos or as background music to a site.  By the same token I have discovered many movies by the same circumstance.  In my opinion these different forms of media bring Harry Potter to a new fan base.  I would bet that there are people who may have never given Harry Potter a chance (ok so maybe not A LOT) if not for this alternate media. As far as the “ potter franchise” wanting to be kid friendly and some of this media compromising that, well I have this to say, ” anything not kid friendly should be monitored by parents. Kids should be restricted from seeing it.”  But I suppose that’s another post for another time.