Lights, cameras, ACTION !!

image borrowed from Clifton

This project has been a lot of fun so far. Our first milestone was finding a place to shoot the opening scenes to our video.  Due to the complication of the shots we needed our location to have a few key characteristics.  First,  the place needed to be dark and second it needed to be large enough to maneuver a camera dolly ( or whatever we come up with to replicate one).  We decided it would be most convenient  to find a place on campus.  We also thought it would be the easiest !  Now all we had to do was find a place that was dark  but during the day.

The first place I thought of was one of  the writing rooms in Murray Hall.  So I contacted the writing department and we were in luck they had room 003 available Friday but was booked solid the next two weeks.  However, it was only available for an hour and a half and we would need at least three hours. So, we decided to go ahead and book it for the hour and a half; after all it was better than nothing. So today I called to reserve it and it ended up opening up for two more periods . giving us three hours and twenty minutes.

Our second milestone will happen tomorrow when we finally begin shooting footage for our project.  that is where I suspect we will run into our first or a few hurdles. Since some of the shots we are attempting are a bit complicated and need more technical editing, I anticipate them being a bit of a challenge.  Also, I am wrestling with the thought of trying to do some things with Adobe After Effects which will be more like The Great Wall of China  as opposed to a hurdle.

All in all I am excited about our project and feel it will all fall into place.

Although at the time I am writing this our first two milestones have not officially happened yet

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