Putting Your Story on the Board

Image Borrowed From Amazon.com

After starting our storyboard I think our creative process remained constant. However, as I anticipated it was a bit more difficult doing it over a chat window than in person. Again, it wasn’t impossible just a bit more challenging.  We are still consistently throwing out ideas and more often than not, they fit right into the project.  Our biggest challenge is finding a time when we are all available to meet up on Google. Everyone is extremely busy so it sometimes has to be late at night.

The only thing that has really changed for us during the storyboarding step is the refinement of some of our ideas. Also, we are tying things together into a cohesive unit as opposed to a bunch of unattached ideas on a bunch of slides.  The one element I think we really need to nail is an appropriate soundtrack. We found a perfect song, and we reached out for permission to sample from it and we are still waiting. In the meantime we are searching for other options.

All in all, I am having fun with the storyboarding step. It really does give your project a vision. You can vision what it will look like on film. Our ultimate vision hasn’t changed. We want to put forward a project that is more serious than “campy”.

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