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Google Docs


I have had the opportunity to use Google Docs several occasions. However, most of the time I have used a Google Doc it was between a group of people who were not online at the same time. I think this is the best use for the application. That is not to say the way it was used here was not appropriate, I just didn’t think it wasn’t optimal. For me it was being on-line at the same time. I think in an optimal situation “passing” the doc back and forth makes better use of the app.

I find explaining ideas and concepts in any chat forum are difficult at times. So, going back and forth in such a manner would not be my first choice. I prefer face to face brainstorming, such as in class. Sometimes I feel if you are not a strong writer, you spend more time trying to get a point across than getting things done.

In using the program itself, I really like it. I love the way it automatically saves your work for you. Google has added several new features since I last used it, such as drag and drop photo placement and of course there is the smart phone app.

It’s nice to be able to make additions, corrections or whatever else needs to be done, without having to physically have the document in hand. You can literally go back to it an infinite number of times, any time. This saves a lot of time and if you use it appropriately you can reap many benefits. And defiantly finish a doc in little time. Just create the doc and invite who you want to be able to access it. You can also give as much or as little access and editing power as you want. As far as the writing portion of a project I think this is a beneficial tool.


Here are my picks for top 5 blogs.  I really think all the blogs were great, so I tried picking five that I thought were good but all different .

I really thought this blog was great. The idea was so different.  Being someone who loves new experiences I think a blog that presents different ideas of things to do is great.

She made great use of the pages.  I like the idea of submitting an idea to try. This is especially great if the author actually goes out and tries them. This could bring the blog to a whole other level.

Everything here was simple to navigate and the colors were easy on the eyes. Not to mention I also agree with the idea that trying new things is important.

This is really one of my favorites. I am also an English major and love to read, so a place where I can go and talk about books is great. But not only is this about books, one can talk about anything. It seems like a place anyone can go to talk about anything.

I really think the blog is very easy to navigate and is not filled with a lot of clutter.  One of my favorite parts of the blog is the header. I think esthetically and conceptually it fits perfect.

Being a sports fan I can read sports blogs, news, web sites, etc., all day long.  I am partial to New York sports teams (Yankees, Rangers, Knicks, and Giants) but really take interest in all sports pro or college.

I love the simplicity of this blog. The colors and header make me feel like I’m in a sports bar.   The side bar has links to all the major sports sites, NCAA to ESPN. Everything you need is assessable through the front page.

Ok, this blog is cool on so many levels. Sneakers are such a big deal, so big a deal in fact; people actually get violent for some of these shoes.   I think blogging about sneakers is great. I may be dating myself but I remember growing up the canvas Nike and suede Pony’s and Pumas were all the rage. As a matter of fact that’s all that was out there, not like today with so many types and choices. A blog like this certainly clears things up a bit.

I really like the background. As a matter of fact it reminded me of the Larry “Grandmamma” Johnson and “Lil Penny “commercials of the past. I thought I would share

This blog is so practical. Everyone is always looking for suggestions and opinions on different movies. Most people, at least I know I do, look at several different sites for movie reviews.  I like the top 5 best and worst, that’s usually what I look for in movie review sites.

This blog is very easy to read in terms of clear font and no competing colors. The only thing missing is the blog roll. It would be great if there were links to other review sites and perhaps a link to buy movie tickets. Otherwise I really like this blog

Midterm Creative Process


Creating our blog for the midterm was a lot of fun. I just wish we had a bit more time to mess around with them before submission. Let’s look at some of the highs and lows.
One thing that was hard, at least for me, was picking a theme. I must have tried each theme at least twice. Back and forth, back and forth, I constantly was changing it. Just when I thought I found one I liked I changed my mind. One thing that made choosing my theme a bit difficult was finding one where I could get the header exactly how I wanted it. I just happened to stumble into the header that I eventually went with. The picture I used was originally just a picture to put in my intro video.

I think creatively, using a premium theme would have made putting the blog together as far as the little intricacies. There are fun things I saw in other web sites and blogs I would have liked to include, but the limitations of the free theme didn’t allow for such. Although, I did check out other blogging sites and it seemed as though word press had the best themes. (I admit I didn’t look all that hard, so there may have been things in other blogging sites I missed.)

One other thing I had a slightly tough time with, was choosing a subject. There are many things I find interesting that I think would make good blogging subject, so choosing one was hard. However, I may after the semester, is launch a blog or two more. That is if time permits of course.

The best thing about this blog we created is it is reflective of us. We are able to blog about something we are passionate about. It was fun applying the things we have done so far here in our class blog and using these in a blog about something that reflects our individual interests.